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Covent Garden, 8th December 2018


Cancer Research UK pioneers life-saving research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. They don’t receive government funding for their research, so every step towards beating cancer relies on every pound donated.


One day we will beat cancer. Help us make it sooner.


£2 buys a box of microscope slides, just like the ones used in breakthroughs such as the discovery of tamoxifen, which has saved the lives of many thousands of women with breast cancer across the globe.

Where your money goes..

£8 buys a lab timer to keep our scientists on track as they go about their work, finding out what makes a cancer cell tick.  Ever boiled the perfect egg without a timer? Experiments also need to be precisely timed for accurate results. In the fight against cancer every second counts. Make the minutes matter.

£25 buys nutrients for cells to grow them in the lab, allowing scientists to find out more than ever before about cancer.

The clues to beating cancer are hidden within our microscopic cells. Because we can’t study cells in a human, clever brainiacs have found ways to study cells in a dish, but to keep the cells alive outside of the body scientists have to keep them well nourished.

£75 buys chemical building blocks that make up a strand of DNA, to make copies of important genes that may give us clues about why things go wrong in cancer. DNA is the instruction manual of our cells and our genes are the instructions. A simple genetic test for changes in certain genes can help doctors to see if someone is at more risk of developing certain cancers. For example, changes in genes called the BRCA genes can spot whether some women have a much higher risk of breast cancer than others

£250 buys special chemicals, called antibodies, to light up vital, tiny parts of the cell, to shed light on new ways to beat cancer, sooner.  Imagine trying to find a needle in a haystack...then imagine if that needle was glowing fluorescent green! Antibodies, just like the ones that fight infection in your body, can be made to recognise tumour cells. If scientists tag them with fluorescent markers, wherever we see a glowing antibody we find a cancer cell!

£550 buys one next generation DNA sequencing experiment,* to read part of the genetic blueprint of a cell’s DNA! This research tool is at the forefront of revolutionary science and life-saving discoveries.  Every cell in your body contains a code of around three billion letters. The code in tumour cells can tell us secrets about cancer. Only a decade ago the human genome was sequenced. It cost around £1.5 billion pounds and took 13 years to read. Now, this takes about a week and costs just a few thousand pounds

£12,000 buys a time-saving device that can count 10,000 cells in just 15 seconds, letting scientists know how many cells have survived a treatment to find the most effective ways to kill cancer.  Have you ever tried to count the number of pennies in a jar? Imagine the time it would take scientists to accurately count the number of microscopic cells in a tube. Ten years ago it might not have even been possible. Simple time-saving devices like this mean more time can be spent on life-saving research.

£25,000 covers the cost of a research bursary for up to a year, supporting a doctor to carry out research in order to accelerate research from bench to breakthrough.

See the event on the Cancer Research Campaign website here